830R/T Locating Equipment

Identifying and tracing utility lines can be tricky business. A simple way to improve your frequency of success is the Ditch Witch® 830R/T electronic locating system. Made to withstand the demands of rugged jobsites, the exceptionally easy-to-use 830R/T offers outstanding performance at a very high active frequency. Only the 830R/T enables you to locate both gas mains and gas feeder systems. In short, the 830R/T has everything you’re looking for in a contractor-grade locating system.
Key Features
  • Adaptive filtering, an exclusive feature, makes the 830R/T highly responsive in all modes of operation; provides left-to-right guidance very quickly regardless of mode or operator style.
  • Advanced, high-frequency 830R/T traces poor conductors and provides clearer signals for longer distances than other high-frequency units—and even some low-frequency units.
  • Simple operation—just turn it on and go—reduces training time; with the 830R/T, even novice operators can be highly productive.
  • Automatic visual and audio feedback makes locating quicker and gives the operator more confidence in verifying the locate.
  • In addition to utility location, the versatile 830R/T is an ideal electronic locating system for telecommunications, landscape, water/sewer, and oil and gas applications.
  • Long battery life (75 hours on the receiver, 150 hours on the transmitter) means less downtime.
  • Low cost of ownership thanks to the 830R/T’s extremely durable construction; system has an IP65 environmental rating, so it can stand up to the rigors of the jobsite and the elements.
  • PV (Peak Verify) mode gives the operator an additional way to verify the locate.
Recommended PC Specifications
Radar Power Requirements
Dual Frequency
150 Short-Range W/S Beacon
150 Long-Range W/S Beacon
150 Short-Range Conduit Beacon
150 Long-Range Conduit Beacon
150 Short-Range Plastics Beacon
150 Long-Range Plastics Beacon
150 Short-Range Iron Beacon
150 Long-Range Iron Beacon
83.0775 kHz
Passive Frequencies
50/100/150 or 60/120/180
Depth Reading
Push Button
Left/Right Guidance
Audio and Visual
Display Backlight
Battery Life
75 Hours
Battery Type
2 D-cell batteries
Operating Conditions
-4° to 122° F
5.1 lb
1 Watt
Power Settings
Battery Type
6 D-cell batteries
Operating Conditions
-4° to 122° F
4.6 lb
Operational Frequencies
Receiver Batteries
Tramsmitter Batteries
Additional Locator Models
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